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A program to manipulate Lawley (1943)'s selction formula
Convert SPSS data to Winsteps format using SPSS syntax
WRITE OUTFILE='C:\test.dat'
/v1 v2 (A8 A1) v3 11 v4 12.
Send results inside SAS to your email

When performing simulation, you may run your SAS program for a long time. It is good if you can send the results to yourself after finishing runing. Here is a way to do this...

Factor analysis based on correlation matrix in SPSS
A c++ program to generate the Mplus bivariate latent difference score model codes
This is a very simple program to generate the Mplus codes for the univariate and bivariate latent difference score model (McArdle, 2001, etc.). It's a dos program that can be run in Windows.
Plot histogram in Excel - An easy way
SAS: Transpose data scripts
How to use DFA
DFA is a Windows program written in IDHRM, University of Virginia. It was first programmed by Peter C. M. Molenaar and John R. Nesselroade. It can calculate lagged topelitz matrix and test the poolability of covariance/correlation matrix (Nesselroade, J.R. & Molenaar, P.C.M. Pooling lagged covariance structures based on short, multivariate time-series for dynamic factor analysis Newbury Park, CA: Sage Publications, 1999). It can also generate Lisrel codes for dynamic factor model (DAFS).
R package: state space model estimation with bayesian method
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