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BAUW: Bayesian Analysis Using WinBUGS

BAUW is free Window software which can be used to: (1) convert data for WinBUGS and (2) generate WinBUGS codes for many kinds of models, such as growth curve models.

Questions about Bauw can be asked here: http://www.statisticalexperts.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?fid=34

NOTE: BAUW is being replaced by a OpenBUGS plugin now. The plugin can be downloaded at http://psychstat.org/us/images/upfile/Bauw.rar. The plugin only works for OpenBUGS not WinBUGS. However, the scripts working in OpenBUGS generally work for WinBUGS, too. To install the plugin, simple unzip the downlowd to the OpenBUGS folder. A menu item "BAUW" should appear in your OpenBUGS window. This plugin has most of the functions BAUW has. Questions and comments are welcome.

The standalone BAUW can also be downloaded at http://www.psychstat.org/us/showimg.php?iid=36.

WinBUGS codes for latent basis growth curve model with varying residual variances
WinBUGS codes for latent basis growth curve model
A video file on how to use WinBUGS and BAUW
Bayesian Resources
Growth curve models - Linear growth curve model
Growth curve models - No growth model
How to generate codes for the no growth/change curve model?
About WinBUGS
The contents in this article are from WinBUGS website. http://www.mrc-bsu.cam.ac.uk/bugs/winbugs/contents.shtml. We suggest the readers to find the answers to WinBUGS questions at its development site.
Use BAUW to convert data
An example on how to transform the data in a text file to WinBUGS format.
Download BAUW
How to get BAUW? How to install it? How to run it?
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Click here for OpenBUGS plugin...
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