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WinBUGS codes for latent basis growth curve model with varying residual variances
WinBUGS codes for latent basis growth curve model
A program to manipulate Lawley (1943)'s selction formula
Convert SPSS data to Winsteps format using SPSS syntax
WRITE OUTFILE='C:\test.dat'
/v1 v2 (A8 A1) v3 11 v4 12.
A complete SAS program to iteratively run WinBUGS for Monte Carlo simulation
This study is presented in APA 2006 meeting.
A modified version of Rodney Sparapani??s SAS Macros
A modified (improved?) verstion of Rodney Sparapani's SAS Macros to transform SAS data to be compatible to WinBUGS and Splus and also read in the CODA files generated by WinBUGS.
A video file on how to use WinBUGS and BAUW
Bayesian Resources
The related programs and their websites in this paper
Send results inside SAS to your email

When performing simulation, you may run your SAS program for a long time. It is good if you can send the results to yourself after finishing runing. Here is a way to do this...

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