A video file on how to use WinBUGS and BAUW
2006-08-02    Zhang, Zhiyong   
Print from: Zhiyong Zhang \'s Psychometric Website
Address: http://www.psychstat.org/us/article.php/60
A video file on how to use WinBUGS adn BAUW

NOTE: BAUW is being replaced by a OpenBUGS plugin now. The plugin can be downloaded at http://psychstat.org/us/images/upfile/Bauw.rar. The plugin only works for OpenBUGS not WinBUGS. However, the scripts working in OpenBUGS generally work for WinBUGS, too. To install the plugin, simple unzip the downlowd to the OpenBUGS folder. A menu item "BAUW" should appear in your OpenBUGS window. This plugin has most of the functions BAUW has. Questions and comments are welcome.

For better video performance, click here to download it and play on your computer.

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