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A SAS interface for Bayesian Analysis with WinBUGS - 2005-11-28 - Zhang, Z., McArdle, J. J., Wang, L., & Hamagami, F.
NOTE: Many codes were messed up during the publishing process. You are recommended to use the draft

Bayesian methods are becoming very popular despite some practically difficulties in implementation. To assist in the practical application of Bayesian methods, we show how to implement Bayesian analysis with WinBUGS as part of a standard set of SAS routines. This procedure is first explained step by step by fitting a multiple regression model and a linear growth curve model. A third example is also provided to demonstrate how to iteratively run WinBUGS inside SAS for Monte Carlo simulation studies. The SAS codes
used in the current study can also accommodate many other models with only slight modification. This interface can be of practical benefit in many aspects of Bayesian methods because it allows the SAS users to benefit from the implementation of Bayesian inference procedure such as Gibbs sampling and it also allows the WinBUGS user to benefit from the data transformation in SAS and the flexibility of using WinBUGS.
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